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A BIG THANKS to everyone who attended Chase Garrett's 4th Annual Blues & Boogie Woogie Piano Stomp at the Englert Theatre on Friday, November 15th, 2013! It was another fantastic year filled with lots of great memories. Below you can find the biographies of pianists that have performed at the Blues & Boogie Piano Stomp in the past. I always aim to bring you the best blues and boogie woogie show in Iowa and strive for nothing but excellence with this concert. I'm really looking forward to next year. See you all in November!

Eric-Jan "Mr. Boogie Woogie" Overbeek (The Netherlands) - Mesmerized by that old piano in the living room, Eric-Jan Overbeek, a.k.a. Mr. Boogie Woogie, began studying classical piano at the age of eight. He demonstrated early an extraordinary talent for musical arrangement and got his first job at age twelve playing piano as an accompanist for dance classes. At the age of 14 Overbeek heard Fats Domino play the Swanee River Hop on the radio. It was from that moment that his fate was sealed. He decided then and there he wanted to be a Boogie Woogie piano player. Overbeek, who has recorded 13 CDs, was awarded the prestigious honor of being named Best European Blues Pianist 2005, and most recently was nominated Best Dutch Blues Pianist 2012.

Robert Roth (Austria) - On January 26, 2008 Robert Roth heard boogie woogie piano for the first time during a concert in Innsbruck, Austria, and was immediately hooked on its infectious rhythms and train-like driving left hand. After being inspired by this incredible experience he decided to teach himself how to play boogie woogie piano completely by ear. And after having not played piano for nearly 10 years, this proved no easy task. Playing by ear allowed him to develop a unique playing style with the ability to have complete improvisational freedom. After nine months of hard work and dedication, he performed for the first time to a very appreciative audience of nearly 400 people and launched his career. He has since performed in many countries including Italy, Hungary, Poland and Germany as well as hosts his own festival in Mieming, Austria each year entitled, "Robert Roth's Boogie Festival." Robert is also a life coach and conducts many classes and sessions throughout the year.

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Chase is currently putting together his 3rd Annual Blues & Boogie Woogie Piano Stomp. This event will feature four of the most demanded leaders in blues and boogie woogie piano from around the world today. Prepare to be blown away as Jean-Paul Amouroux (France), Julian Phillips (UK), Silvan Zingg (Switzerland) and Iowa City native Chase Garrett (New York City) hit the stage to bring you the best blues and boogie woogie show in Iowa!

Utilizing two grand pianos, a full rhythm section and a brass section the house sounded reminiscent of the bygone era of the 1930's and 40's. When swing music was at an all time high and America's popular music was jazz. A time when the likes of Albert Ammons, Meade "Lux" Lewis and Pete Johnson otherwise known as the boogie woogie boys were popularizing this style of music at rent parties and Carnegie Hall concerts while blues pianists such as Jay McShann, Leroy Carr, Big Joe Turner and later Otis Spann were playing in barrelhouses and juke joints across the U.S. This was another amazing year. Thanks to all who attended and make sure to mark your calendars for next November, see you all there!

Jean-Paul Amouroux (France) grew up in a household where his parents primary musical interests were almost completely limited to operatic and classical styles. Yet despite his musical upbringing became infatuated with boogie woogie at a young age. As his career progressed he moved to Paris and devoted himself to the music he fell in love with as a child. There he performed and recorded with some of the legends of blues & boogie woogie piano including Sammy Price, Jay McShann and Memphis Slim. Jean-Paul is as much of a performer as he is an advocate and preservationist and in keeping with his dedication to boogie woogie is now the artistic director of the Festival de Boogie Woogie de LaRoquebrou, the largest boogie woogie festival in the world.

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Julian Philips (UK) Hearing Julian play takes one back to the rent parties and lowdown back alley juke joints of the early part of the twentieth century. Having initially been influenced by boogie woogie greats Pinetop Smith, Jimmy Yancey and Clarence Loften, Julian later went on to fully explore the blues piano genre and has become an authority in early and obscure styles. Throughout his career he has performed all across Europe and the U.S. and has gained a great reputation for his wide, varied and authentic style of boogie woogie and blues piano. He is also one of the founders and organizers of the UK Boogie Woogie Festival held each year in Sturminster Newton, where he currently resides.

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Silvan Zingg (Switzerland) also known as, "The Boogie Woogie Ambassador of Switzerland," is the founder of the International Boogie Woogie Festival and a blues and boogie woogie powerhouse. His style seamlessly encompasses boogie woogie, rock 'n' roll, blues, swing and classic jazz with heart and soul in everything he plays. Slivan has performed in over 30 countries as well as the U.S. and has appeared on stage with such legendary performers as Chuck Berry, Memphis Slim, Sammy Price and Ray Charles. Last year Silvan was also invited to perform as a special guest at the world famous Montreux Jazz Festival alongside Carlos Santana, Susan Tedeschi and B.B. King.

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Chase Garrett (USA), voted "Best Local Act" by The Daily Iowan in 2011, began playing piano at age nine and by seventeen was performing professionally across the U.S. In his travels he has shared the stage with some of today's most influential blues, boogie woogie and jazz pianists including Axel Zwingenberger, Michael Kaeshammer and James Goodwin. Having been heavily influenced by artists like Oscar Peterson, Otis Spann and Meade "Lux" Lewis, his style has grown into a diverse mix of boogie woogie, blues and swing. Chase has dedicated himself to music and is as much of a performer as he is a producer and preservationist and in that respect has recently moved to New York to pursue his goals.

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Bottom line: You can't miss this!



This concert featured both local and international pianists including Mark "Mr. B" Braun (Ann Arbor), Fabrice Eulry (Paris), Carl Sonny Leyland (California) and Iowa City native Chase Garrett. It also featured Craig Dove on upright bass, Dan Padley on guitar and Scott Symmonds on percussion. A BIG THANKS to all who attended and I'll see you all next year!



This concert featured both local and international pianists including Ricky Nye (Cincinnati), Lluis Coloma (Barcelona), Bob Seeley (Detroit) and Iowa City native Chase Garrett. It also featured local upright bass player Craig Dove and drummer Brian Aylor from Cincinnati. A BIG THANKS to all who attended and I'll see you all next year!